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Battle of Belleau Wood Map

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Item Number: SS-Belleau-MAP

100th Anniversary Map of the Spring Offensive's Battle of Belleau Wood

Now available for a short time and in limited quantities.

Stars and Stripes is offering a detailed map of the Battle of Belleau Wood, during the Spring Offensive of WWI.
In early June 1918, Army and Marine Corps units helped the French repel a German offensive and retake Belleau Wood, a forest outside Paris, in a ferocious battle that lasted 20 days.

Generous poster size measures just under 16-3/4" high x 24" wide. Map is printed in full color on heavy paper.
A must buy for any military history buff with an interest in World War I.

Maps are shipped Priority Mail only and folded to approx. 8-3/8" x 12" (please note that maps are not available flat or rolled, only folded). Please note that each map contains some advertising. Stars and Stripes relies on support from advertisers and readers to fund its mission. For details, please visit:  Support the Mission