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Vintage Maps: Iraq 2004 / Afghanistan 2002 / Liberation of Kuwait
Stars and Stripes Vintage Maps: 2004 Iraq - 2002 Afghanistan - Liberation of Kuwait (2011)
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Detailed Description

Stars and Stripes Exclusive: Set of three vintage maps from recent conflicts.

The Afghanistan map is from 2002 and features U.S. bases in that country during Operation Enduring Freedom. The back includes photos taken by Stars and Stripes reporters embedded with American forces and information about Operation Enduring Freedom. It measures 35 x 22.5 inches flat (comes folded).

The Iraq map is from 2004 and features U.S. base locations in that country. The back displays a gallery of photos taken by Stars and Stripes reporters from a "boots on the ground" perspective. Map measures 22 x 29 inches flat (comes folded).

The Liberation of Kuwait Map was printed in 2011 to mark the 20th anniversary of 1991's Operation Desert Storm. It measures 33 x 23.5 inches flat (comes folded).
View this page to see the maps in more detail.

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